Sample Savings

A SmileMore membership pays for itself on the very first comprehensive visit. A new patient who visits our office for only exams and cleanings can expect to save the following:

New Patient Comprehensive Visit Customary Fees SmileMore Fees
SmileMore Membership N/A $269.00
Comprehensive Exam $97.00 No Charge
Full Mouth Series of X-Rays $140.00 No Charge
3D Images $301.00 $255.85
Dental Cleaning (Initial Treatment) $110.00 $15.00 Copay
TOTAL: $648.00 $539.85

Additional SmileMore Savings – $108.15

Second Office Visit (same plan year) Customary Fees SmileMore Fees
Dental Cleaning (Second Visit) $105.00 $15.00 Copay

Second Visit Savings – $90.00

Annual Price $578.00 $299.00

Sample SmileMore Savings $279.00

The same SmileMore member that receives the above services and also needs a root canal, build-up and crown saves additionally:

Restorative Visit Customary Fees SmileMore Fees
Limited Exam $75.00 No Charge
Periapical X-ray $33.00 No Charge
Root Canal – Molar $1654.00 $982.60
Crown Build-up $414.00 $253.30
Porcelain to Metal Crown $1362.00 $1049.75
TOTAL: $3538.00 $2285.65

Additional SmileMore Savings – $1252.45

Fees effective January 1,2019. Percentage of savings is calculated on usual and customary fees for general dentistry procedures.
Please contact Lake Texoma Dental Care to discuss procedures and pricing specific to your dental needs.